Workaway International

Client Testimonials

Barbara Crowley (Human Resources Director) Boca West Country Club

“Boca West started its international program 12 years ago with Workaway International. This program has been a major contributing factor to our club being recognized by the industry as the #1 residential club in the United States. Our members love the international guest workers as do our year round American staff.”

Jeff Riegler (General Manager)Glen Oaks Club

“We have been working with Workaway since 2001. They have been a tremendous help in filling our seasonal staffing needs.”

Susan Hoyt (Human Resources)The Country Club at Mirasol

“Recruiting seasonal staff in the Country Club industry has never been an easy task. We pride ourselves in the exceptional service, surrounded by the beautiful amenities and a top notch golf course. Workaway International has been successful in helping us fill our seasonal staffing needs. Without the assistance of Workaway we would not be able to provide the high standard of member service year round to our membership.”

Doug Anderson (Assistant General Manager)Sailfish Point

“For 8 years now, Workaway International has exceeded our expectations in supplying friendly, qualified and hardworking staff for our seasonal needs. Due to the fact of our location and seasonality, we have struggled to find qualified staff from the area to fill our seasonal workforce. We have held job fairs for local staff at our club and had little to no success. Without Workaway and the H2B program, we would be hard pressed to find enough quality seasonal staff in our area to staff our facility for the winter months. The office staff of Workaway (here in Florida, as well as in South Africa) make the process very seamless. We are very pleased with the program and the responsiveness and follow through that Workaway provides.”

Troy Albert (General Manager) Sebonack Golf Club

“We have found Workaway to be the most legal form of acquiring South Africans to work in America.”

Jeff Heilbrun (General Manager/COO) – Wade Hampton Golf Club

“Workaway has been a great help with our service staffing in golf operations and food and beverage. H2B staff is a critical part of our operation as there have not been enough qualified US workers to fill positions at the Club. Workaway’s expertise helps navigate through the many hoops required to make hiring international staff possible. They have done a remarkable job pre-qualifying applicants and bringing together a pool of highly qualified employees to our interview table.”

Matt Lambert (General Manager/Chief Operating Officer) – The Country Club at Mirasol

“Finding great employees who are willing to work in a club environment is not an easy task and Workaway International has continued to provide us with qualified employees who help bridge the gap in our seasonal staffing needs. Mirasol is similar to many of the great clubs in the United States in that we all have great golf courses and exceptional facilities, however, it is our employees who create the culture that make our members feel proud to belong to our club. We could not accomplish this task without the additional staffing that Workaway is able to provide.”

Kimberley Arrison (Human Resources Director/Member Liaison) – Green Valley Country Club

“We have used Workaway International for years and it has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end. The quality and selection of candidates is unsurpassed. Every season we look forward to our new staff from Workaway. They become part of our family at Green Valley Country Club and become member favorites each and every year. I think what I enjoy most as a HR professional is the ease of the process. I know that no matter who I speak with at Workaway I always get an immediate answer to my questions and help along the way with the process.”

Blake Crymes (Food and Beverage Director) – Diamond Creek Golf Club

“We have been using Workaway International for our seasonal staffing needs for the past four seasons with great success. As a seasonal private golf club in remote Western North Carolina hiring qualified employees often has it’s challenges. Since we began using Workaway I have been very impressed with all areas of the company. The administrative staff are always extremely friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. The participants or employees of the program have been some of the highest quality employees that I have had the pleasure to work with. We are very pleased with Workaway International and what it has done for our labor needs here at Diamond Creek.”

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