Workaway International

South Africa


If you would like to join our program it is compulsory to view the presentation online to familiarise yourself with our offer, positions available, position requirements, the selection process etc.

View video presentation here


Once you have viewed the presentation and would like to join our program, complete the online application form by clicking here

Upload relevant documentation 

If your application is successful, you will receive an email with a link to upload relevant documentation under your profile to continue the process. Once uploaded email to let us know that you have completed this.

Workaway International Interview

Once we have received your email informing us that you have uploaded the relevant documentation, we will schedule an interview with you. 

Once you have been interviewed by a Workaway representative and have been invited to a country club interview you will need to do a police clearance (finger printing) via a Workaway appointed agency.

Country Club Interview

If your Workaway interview is successful we will schedule an interview for you with one of our country clubs either in person or virtually. 

Once you have been selected by the country club you will need to undergo a full medical examination which will be arranged and paid for by Workaway International.


Attend a compulsory orientation. 

Visa Application

Depart for the USA

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