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Complete the application form

Complete the Resume Template by the scheduled deadline

Attend an interviewPositions for the summer program are extremely limited. We will do our best to give all applicants the opportunity to interview. However, top performers at the club will be given priority. The interviews are typically held the first week of February. You will receive notification the week before informing you of the interview schedule as well as transportation details etc.

The outcome of the interview will be emailed to youThe northern clubs will make their primary and alternate selections. If you have been selected as an alternate there is a chance that there will be withdrawals or fall out and you could be moved up to a primary position.

Compilation of necessary documentationWe will begin collecting the necessary documents in order to process your visa extension. We will have most of the documents on file in our Florida office. If we are missing anything we will send you an email requesting the missing items.

Visa applicationYour supporting visa documents will be sent to the lawyers to process. Your paperwork will be filed with the government in March. You will receive your visa extension once you arrive at your northern club.

TransportationWorkaway will arrange ground and air transportation to your northern club at no cost to you. However, you will be required to pay any baggage fees the airline charges.

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