Workaway International

Living in USA


You may arrange your own housing or for a nominal fee, make use of the experienced team of the appointed housing company, who will arrange accommodation on your behalf.

If you decide to secure accommodation through the appointed housing company, you will:

You will also find that the standard accommodation includes:

In many of the apartments you will find a microwave and/or dishwasher and within the complex a swimming pool, exercise facilities and laundromats. However, as housing is assigned randomly, the amenities may vary.

Getting around

If you reside at the housing organised by the appointed housing company, transport to and from work will be provided either by bus/van or bicycle.

Public transport is also available.

Grocery, pharmacy, and miscellaneous shopping are within city bus routes and is in most instances within biking/walking distance from the location of the housing organised by the appointed housing company.

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