Workaway International

1999 – 2009

Clayton, Belinda, Laura and Chris-Boca West (2000/2001)
Paula and Bernelle share a moment in the office at Boca West (2000/2001)
Russell and Tumi enjoying working at the tennis courts at Boca West (2000/2001)
Taking time out to socialize! (2000/2001)
Inge, Bernelle and Ilse-Christmas in Florida! (2001/2002)
Hein, Lionel, Norton and Steven-Christmas in Florida! (2001/2002)
Rowan and Graham-enjoying some leisure time after a hard day at work! (2002/2003)
Michael and Andre-Admirals Cove (2004/2005)
Charne Timm tidying up in the golf shop-Admirals Cove (2004/2005)
Ashley hard at work!-Admirals Cove (2004/2005)
Kirstin our star chef!-BallenIsles (2004/2005)
Our capable BallensIes Team! (2004/2005)
Natasha Webb in full control-Boca West (2004/2005)
Collette and Lucy very busy auditing-Boca West (2004/2005)
Our boys enjoying the golf course at Boca West! (2004/2005)
Tim preparing salads at Hunters Run (2004/2005)
The HAPPY Sailfish Point Team (2004/2005)
Deon Van Zyl very hard at work in the kitchen at Sailfish Point (2004/2005)
A happy moment captured at Sailfish Point (2004/2005)
The St. Andrews staff looking forward to the midday shift (2004/2005)
The happy St. Andrews Team (2004/2005)
Charlotte, Bill and Shannon catch the ferry to Sailfish Point (2004/2005)
Michelle, Abigail and Natalie from Polo survey the damage caused by the hurricane (2005/2006)
The Glen Oaks Team (2006)
The Boca Rio Team enjoying the day at Universal Studios (2006/2007)
Preparing for the shift!-Boca West (2006/2007)
The Boca Rio Team enjoying the sunshine (2006/2007)
Time for hugs!-Boca West (2006/2007)
Luyanda Putu enjoying the sunshine at Admirals Cove (2006/2007)
Karla, Brenda and Bianca at Sailfish Point (2006/2007)
The VERY smart looking Pine Tree Team (2006/2007)
Returners, Adrian Bailey and Nicole Thompson collect their departure packs (2008/2009)
Hospitality students collecting their departure packs (2008/2009)
Michelle briefing Colette for the trip (2008/2009)
Off to the USA we go! (2008/2009)
Johannesburg participants prepare to depart for the USA (2008/2009)
Dane Du Preez and Ashleigh Gradidge enjoy a farewell moment with family at Cape Town International (2008/2009)
A bit of “fresh” air before the long flight to Atlanta! (2008/2009)
Luke and Andre share a moment at the Workaway party (2008/2009)
The girls at the Workaway party (2008/2009)
Ashleigh enjoying a moment at the Workaway party (2008/2009)
Relaxing at the Workaway party (2008/2009)
Bernadine and Kobus enjoying the Workaway party with friends (2008/2009)
Aurelia, Gert, Ettienne and Nicholas looking VERY professional in their Admirals Cove uniforms (2008/2009)
Justin Webb oversees the salad bar in the dining room-Admirals Cove (2008/2009)
Chase, Jayde, Russel and Liezel-Sailfish Point (2008/2009)
Relaxing in the staff canteen at Boca West! (2008/2009)
Antholene, Brent and Sally-Anne in the kitchen at Mirasol (2008/2009)
Raynor and Lawrence with their winning smiles!-Mirasol (2008/2009)
Our handsome lifeguard team at Boca West! (2008/2009)
Our beautiful spa ladies at Boca West! (2008/2009)
Working hard in the kitchen at Boca West! (2008/2009)
The Addison Reserve team getting ready for the New Year (2008/2009)
Our Palm Beach winning Team! (2008/2009)
Our valet boys at Palm Beach getting ready to park those FANCY cars! (2008/2009)
Romandi and Leroy preparing in the kitchen at Glen Eagles (2008/2009)
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