Workaway International

2012 / 2013

Recruits looking a bit nervous ahead of their first screening
Smiles all around at the Capsicum Cooking School presentation
Workaway’s presentation at Capsicum Cooking School
Potential recruits ready for the Joburg presentation
Filling out forms at the first presentation
Paperwork time!
Potential recruits looking lovely for the first presentation
Eager potential recruits waiting for the Durban presentation to begin!
Eager recruits at the Capital Hotel School in Joburg
Potential recruits looking excited at the PE presentation!
Joburg representative with potential recruits
Potential recruits listen attentively during the Joburg presentation
Cape Town potential recruits pay close attention during the presentation
Durban presentation here we go!
Durban representative with potential recruits at the presentation
Joburg representative with potential recruits at the Joburg presentation
PE representative with potential recruits & their family
Potential PE recruits excited to be here!
While some were quite serious, others were having a laugh
Say cheese!
Dreaming of working in the USA!
Excited to take on the interviews
Potential recruits waiting for interviews
We want to work in the USA!
Potential recruits waiting to be interviewed at our Cape Town offices
Filling out forms at the Durban interviews
Potential recruits wait patiently for their interviews at our Cape Town offices
Dressed to Impress at the Joburg interviews
Such beautiful smiles from potential recruits
Dressed to impress for the Johannesburg final interviews
Ready to domimate their Boca West interviews!
Boca West interviews here we go…
Getting into the spirit of things for the interviews
Looking fresh for the interviews
Nervous smiles all around as potential recruits wait for Boca West interviews
Waiting patiently to be interviewed
Dressed to impress for the final country club interviews!
Looking good for the final interviews!
Potential recruits ready and waiting for their final interviews!
Smiling nervously for the final interviews
Club Windsor here we come!
Excited recruits wait for the orientation session to begin
Orientation day for club Mirasol!
Orientation day for Sailfish Point!
Polo club orientation day!
Soaking up all the info at orientation day!
Successful Glen Eagles recruits at the pre-daparture orientation session
Excited for the Joburg pre-departure orientation session!
Recruits eagerly awaiting the Joburg orientation session to begin
Successful Addison Reserve recruits at the Joburg orientation
Successful Admiral’s Cove recruits at the Joburg orientation
Excited recruits at the Boca West orientation in PE
Excited recruits at the PE pre-departure orientation session
Successful Mirasol Country Club recruits at the PE orientation
Dressed to impress at the Durban orientation
Excited recruits!
Happy faces at the Durban orientation
Ready for the pre-departure orientation session in Durban
Smile for the camera!
Successful Durban recruits excited to hear the next part of the process
Successful recruits at the Durban orientation
Tea time has never looked so good before!
Yes we always look this dashing!
Eager recruits collect the flight packs for USA
USA here we come!
All packed and ready for an adventure of a lifetime!
Goodbye SA, hello USA!
Proud family ready to say goodbye
The day has finally come, get ready USA!
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